viernes, 30 de julio de 2010

Summmmmerrr XD

o.O how long has it been since I last updates this blog?! XDDD

summer is going soooooooooooooooooooo slow ._. anyways, can't do anything about it xD
but hey, its a good summer

its a lonely one~ but at the same time its a perfect summer~
(dakedo minasu~ xD)

ohh...I miss toradora...I need to rewatch that anime again xD its epic *O* and I love the OP & ED (im listening to them xDD)

so... anything new that has happened in summer

well, its been a month~
a month with baka-kun ~

besides that...nothing interesting....

mabinogi~ xDDD

well, the other day I went to eat dinner at my cousins house
It was extremely awkward (because few days ago I told him that I have a bf and yeah...)

he had an evil smile T-T it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppy T-T (it was very entertaining xD couldnt stop laughing :P xDD)

I was going to go to orlando last saturday, didnt happened, im supposed to go to orlando tomorrow, wont happen (something happened with otou-san's car ) so, maybe I will go on sunday (?)

august 3 its my lovely choco-kun Birthday!!! (1 year~!! )

and yeah...

summer is really long

but then again, I really don't want to know whats going to happen when school starts, to much stuff in my mind...@.@

thats it for today ;)


viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

days...16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22~!!! XDDD

havent updated in...quite a while xD ^^''
too lazy ._. thats bad xDDD


day 16:
haha, loved this day xD we had a garage sale (umm...we had 20 things to sale or more...we only sold 4 or 5... T-T xD but yeah
and I saw my little cousin~ love her~ xD and I met another ne wlittle cousin I didnt knew about o.O (step-cousin xD)

but yeah, had a great conversation with baka-kun and sensei! xD
I ended up listening to trance that day and I found this song, it was kinda of...perverted? xD
but the beat was sooo goooood~ xD so I decided to send the song to baka-kun and to sensei
(I didn't finished listening to the song when I sent it to them) so there was this part in the got kinda of even more...explicit? xD and I was like '...omg ... why did I send this to baka-kun T-T' XDDD but I couldnt stop laughing xDDD

so yeah, it was a nice day~ xD


Day 17...
ummm....I dont have memories of this day o.O xDDD

Day 18:
ahh I finished my amv ~ (finally!!!!)

its TRC with a remix of crawling ~ xD
I had alot of problems with the copyright things and uhggg! I got sooo frustrated =.='
but in the end it worked~ xD and yeah~

Day 19: 19... xD
it was...
an interesting day

Day 20:
dont remember...xDDD
oh I remember...did nothing T-T xD

Day 21:
what happened yesterday? was a normal day, talked to baka-kun and...yeah... xD

Day 22:
today! XD was a good day xD mhhh~ yup, it was ok xDDD

so yeah...summer is def. different~

although...its kinda of sad that I dont talk to angel-chan anymore...T-T
the only ones I've been talking in summer sensei and baka-kun ~

and yeah...

guess what?
its july...=.='
I shold seriously start studying for sat and for my permit u-u
I def. need to improve my sat score +.+ (didnt even passed the cpt...T-T)


tomorrow is saturday~
and then sunday~
sunday...july 4
Somehow I can see my self having dinner at my cousins house
and then I can see my cousin talking to me and asking the same questions as always...uhhhg!

ahh...lately Ive been thinking about someone all the time...its kinda of crazy, first time this happens to me xD ahh...I would love to see him soon~

yeah thats it! xD

hopefully next post I'll upload something kinda of interesting xP



viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

Day 14 - 15

so...guess what? finally finished toradora! it was a good ending, im amazed that in the end I didnt cried that much o.O xDD
yesterday was pretty interesting, had fun talking to someone and...yeah thats pretty much it
today...the morning was epic! started playing again pokemon with my brother and then ate breakfast...and thats basically it, nothing much...u-u
then isnt the best day...its just...boring...
no one talks to me...u-u
somehow I feel as if no one even thinks about me...
que estupido es todo esto
haciendo me illusiones mientras se que en el fondo de mi corazon todo parece mentiras
una falsa vida
y aun asi...continuo con esta vida...
lo siento...lo siento...

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Day 13!!!!

today is... Wednesday!!! (somehow I keep thinking its Monday...xD)
sooo...the morning started out okay I guess xD had pancakes for breakfast and ended up going back to bed and listen some music~
after that...I got bored xD so I started working out again +.+! xD and yeah...
spent more than an hour in the shower~ nice cold shower~ xD
I love my dolphin-kun~ (one o f my plushies xD)
ahhh~ the amazing thing that happened is that none of the one piece posters fell... o.O (they usually fall at night XDD)
and now im going to watch some toradora!! It's epic, i love it~
and I love the new op!! silky love~ I'll probably upload the song here ._. xD
last night I discovered how everything works...:

emo - depressed - normal - happy - hyper - lalaland - fuzzy duzzy fluffy!!!!!!!!!! (this is a new stage that I've discovered +.+)
yeah...random xD

but yeah, last night...was epic~
it made me happy that he liked my status :)

well, thats it for now, I should study...but.... its summer! XD


~My Silky love~

P.S: don't forget to feed the fishies!!! - - - - - >!!!

martes, 22 de junio de 2010 12...

I once again realized that I'm wasting my time and my life by doing nothing...
ah...I am wasting my life...
Everyone around me seems so happy, they have a life, they do something...
I guess I am jealous, and I hate that...
but somehow...I got used to living like in the dark, living all alone...
I love it when people are near me, when we have fun and talk, I love it when I have close friends with me...
but...I do hate it when they drift apart...when we stop talking...when the string of fate fades away...
It's useless, to try and tie that string again, it's useless...Because I would get hurt more and more...
I hate my lies, always saying 'its ok...' always smiling, always trying to look normal and act happy, while deep inside me Im just a lonely girl, scared of people and love, scared of getting hurt again and again...
I'm such a crybaby...always crying
always dreaming, dreaming...but knowing that if I keep dreaming I will get hurt more and more by this harsh reality...
I feel lonely...
as if no one ever care about me...

what is love?
what is friendship?

I don't even know why I always keep trying...
knowing that sooner or later I'll get hurt...

nothing will change if I move to one place or another
nothing will change if I graduate...

Ill still be the same
living in the same place
dreaming the same dreams
wishing the same wish over and over again...

I guess...for once...I got tired of trying
tired of smiling
tired of living...


just want to dream...
an eternal dream...

nothing has changed, right?

the only thing I'm sure of...
is that I'm afraid...
afraid of the future
that's why I avoid thinking of it...

I am...wasting my life
wasting every single second of this life...

how does it feel?
to have a life?
to be happy?
to have someone by your side?

I hate summer...

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

summer, days 6,7, 8, 9, 10 & 11!!

soooooooo I've actually have been busy/lazy and havent updated this blog in a while, well bad news, my computer somehow doesnt work that well u-u so im currently using the other laptop XD

Okay! mhhh...

Day 6:
I stayed in the house again...didnt do nothing...XD

Day 7:
Picture day!! my cousin stayed with us and we watched some of the world cup (spain lost...and I lost my pride, hopefully I'll recover that pride today xD ) and yeah, the pictures where okay I guess :S xD I swear I spent more than 30 min doing my hair T.T and then my mom had to help me with the make up (this only proves that im still not a woman...Im not good with make-up...anyways, I really dont care xD)

Day 8:
guess whose b-day is it? xD its my angel *-* Ireee~

Day 9:
umm...last minute cosplay? xD I ended up stabbing myself with a needle xD and yeah...

Day 10:
It was okay, it wasnt that bad, okay I got bored...and I saw the creepy so glad he didnt saw me~ but when I saw him I swear my heart just was sooo creppy ... u-u and then...yeah...mhhh...well my 'friend' that told me we would hang out lied and never called me once, its not the first time she ditches me, and im currently pissed of at her, but oh well, can't do anything about it, its better if I just forget about her for now... Besides that, the good part is that I got the watch from FMA ~ its epic, I have it with me now~ I love it, especially the 'tick tock' noise xDD brother ended up buying a poster of luffy from OP (the poster is epic!) and a chibi ace (I got chibi luna and artermis from sailormoon~) and ...what else? for once we didnt buy any manga XD ah! my cousin and my friend bought swords~ lol
and lets not mention the onigiri problem... xD

Day 11:
yesterday....spent the day in the house, the day went fast, I woke up at 12 (I rarely wake up that late xD) and I didnt go out because I was dead...I couldnt walk T-T xD but in the end I ended up changing the way my room looked, move around some furniture and stuff, fixed the posters...etc xD

and today!!
Day 12? xD
worked out in the morning (finally! XD for once I stopped being lazy xD) and yeah...nothing interesting oh! I started watching toradora! its epic! I love it~

soo...yeah, i didn't put the most important friend ash called me last friday, and somehow gave me confidence to ask the guy I like to be my boyfriend, and hey...for once he said yes~ XDDD I'll see how things go~

umm..oh! I finally finished puru puchi yuushi or however you spell it...I cried in the last 3 ep. the last ep I had to watch it at 12 am hiding in my room xD I was crying so much... I was like 'they died...omg the revived...omg this is epic...' XD and kept on crying XD

so yeah

I cant believe its still june...
time is going by sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow T.T
I def need to get a life...u-u
ahhhg!~ xD

no, I dont think ill get a life but...Ill get a cat after I graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (im so happy~ its going to be a baby and its going to be a girl and its going to be black and its name will be Bell-Bell~)
and then...Ill get a white male cat, its name will be knight~

ahh...summer~ the perfect time to start re-writing everything...
not going to happen xD

so thats it, the end of these days~ xD

oh yeah....I forgot to mention what happened to me the other day...(it was actually really creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppy T-T)

so, it was 9-10-ish pm, I was on the laptop and some random guy calls and im like 'hello?' and I dont remember what he said but he asked me 'are you busy sweetie?' and I kinda of freaked out there...I wa slike 'omg its a creeper!!! T-T' and then he called back 3 more times ( I never answered again xDD)

so yeah...



~♫ Even though I'm not strong I'll catch you someday ♫~

Day 8

martes, 15 de junio de 2010

Detective Conan ova 10 Kid in Trap Island

sooo hellos!! I'm glad that the ova finally is out with subs!! The ova is mainly about kaito kid stealing some jewel (as always) but it's pretty interesting, I highly recomend it if you love kaito kid +.+!! XD
I consider it one of the best (I loveee kaito kid !! ) here I'll leave you the ova *-*!!

Ah! and thanks to DCTP[Detective Conan Translation Project] for the subs!! ^0^